Sospesi nel presente

«Essere morti è questo: essere sospesi nel presente, non saperlo leggere, ma conoscere chi si è stati, senza scarti, senza condizioni: questo, non quello, e non importa se il racconto mi è venuto sconcio. Non è precisamente un’infelicità: è l’impossibilità dell’essere felici». Estratto da “Troppo estranei l’un l’altro per non intenderci” di Daniela Ranieri (31/01/11)

Now USA make protocols

«In the 19th and 20th centuries we made stuff: corn and steel and trucks. Now, we make protocols: sets of instructions. A software program is a protocol for organizing information. A new drug is a protocol for organizing chemicals. Wal-Mart produces protocols for moving and marketing consumer goods. Even when you are buying a car, you are mostly paying for the knowledge embedded in its design, not the metal and glass» the green hornet download full film season of the witch rip Battle: Los Angeles full video download . David Brooks, “The Protocol Society” Nytimes.com – 22 dicembre 2009. download […]

Will it be love?

If the fall into love happened so rapidly, it is perhaps because the wish to love has preceded the beloved – the need has invented its solution. The appearance of the beloved is only the second stage of a prior [but largely unconscious] need to love someone – our hunger for love moulding their features, our desire crystallizing around them. [But the honest side of us will never let the deception go unchallenged. There will always be moments when we will doubt whether our lover exists in reality or as we imagine them in our minds – or whatever they […]