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Qualche giorno fa quelli di ReviewMe mi hanno mandato un’email – o meglio una newsletter – con la quale mi informavano di una specie di sconto per gli investitori (il 50% sul prezzo di listino) e mi invitavano a parlarne sul mio blog. Chiesto, fatto. Come mai tale promozione e tanto ribasso? Che questo servizio sia già in crisi?
Investitori, dunque, se ci siete battete un colpo e fatevi avanti.

Testo originale della newsletter

50% off promotion for advertisers!

ReviewMe Bloggers,

We wanted to inform you about a special ReviewMe promotion we are running that may be of interest to your readers. We have found that advertisers who have used RM have been impressed and keep coming back for more reviews. So our biggest challenge is getting an advertiser to try it once. To encourage new advertisers we are offering a special coupon code that will give advertisers 50% off any review they purchase this month. The cool part is 100% of the sale price will go to the blogger so there is no discount in payout to you.

For advertisers to use the 50% off coupon they simply have to enter: trial

into the coupon code at checkout. This special promotion will be good for the rest of the month. Thanks again and we hope to have some reviews ready for you soon!

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