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TheVibes.net intervista telefonicamente il noto dj canadese Tiga.
(Vito Camarretta – 20/01/03)

Hi Tiga. Does Tiga stands for female tiger??? Yes

I’ve still heared your last dj-set published for dj-kicks series… Very funny, compliments. But let’s speculate… Who’s Man Hrdina??? And Madame Hollywood? Any metaphorical references? Man Hrdina is a wealthy older man who was a mentor and a hero of mine…..we lived together for a while and he taught me so much about music and life. Madame Hollywood is just metaphor……I did not write that song, but she represents fake glamour and decadence.

Before setting the Solstice, you referred to Montreal club scene with the followiung words: "The plumage of a bird I cannot bring myself to want"… Has it changed something in the meantime? No. still I can’t fake the desire.

 In 1996, you mourned the death of Tupac Shakur. Among his verses, are there anyone which are imprinted in your soul? “…ain’t nothing but a bitch, bitch!” is pretty timeless

What are you doing while answering my questions? Listening to the new album by Chromeo, on my label Turbo…..they will be very famous soon. I am also naked.

According to you, has technology really improved our lives? Which innovation did you fell as the worst disaster for humanity? Yes, technology has improved our lives….medical advances, mobile phones…..etc…. the gun is the worst piece of technology for humanity.

You’re considered as one of best remixers of the Canadian electro scene. I know you’re rebuilding some Cabaret Voltaire suites… Can you tell anything about this restyling? for remixes I need to add something personal…..in the case of Cabaret Voltaire, we decided to redo the vocals…..more like a coverversion. Each remix is different.

What’s favourite film? And why? It always changes…..but lately it is “Gimme Shelter” the film about the Rolling Stones at Altamount…it is a completely genius and revealing film about the death of the 60’s.

Are you going to came in Italy? Yes…..i will finish my world tour there at the end of march…..27,28,29 in Turin, Rome and Regio Emillia.

Have you ever seen Salo by Pasolini? Somone, interpreting that film, argued that it could be considered as an illustration of a dominant masculine system in which seduction was only another form of sex (!). What do you think about it? I never saw that…but it sounds great.

Dying in Beauty. Could you extensively explain this title for that great track by you and Zyntherius??? I heard the expression “Dying In Beauty” used to describe a football team who was playing beautifully but still always losing….like there great technique and form was no longer the way to win….it was a tragedy……and I felt that way about myself: how you could be drowning in good news.

Did you like this interview? Did you get bored? Yes. And no, I was never bored!

Useful links
Turbo Recordings – Tiga’s Label
Studio K!7 – hear preview of Tiga’s last workout

Tiga’s chart "My top 15 all-time albums"

1. Van Morrison / Astral Weeks
    simply the best, most natural and awesome performance ever…all recording in one session in 1968.
2. Roxy Music / Avalon
    the ultimate in smooth, produced Chill-rock….unbelievably well done.
3. Soft Cell / Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret
    The synth-pop prototype….but also an honest, dirty ghetto album with humor and passion.
4. Depeche Mode / Vilolator
    Classic post-Clarke Mode…..perfect Gore songs….just perfect.
5. David Bowie / Hunky Dory
    My favorite Bowie album….one of the most personal…and finishs with The Bewley Brothers
6. The KLF / Chill Out
    The chill-out prototype…by the coolest artists ever.
7. Aphex Twin / Selected Ambiant Works
    A genius at work
8. Prince / Purple Rain
    another genius at work…..techno-sex-funk from the last of the great artists.
9. The The / Soul Mining
    7 perfect little twisted pop-songs by an underrated genius.
10. Yaz / You And Me Both
     My favorite "80’s" album….soulful, human and still poppy and electronic. Vince at his best.
11. Nine Inch Nails / Pretty Hate Machine
     An album that changed my life…..dark, electronic pop…..
12. Nirvana / Unplugged in NY
    Amazing songs, amazing performance, Kurt lives.
13. Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack
    My camp side revealed….a record that changed my life. Everything I love about show-business.
14. Duran Duran / Duran Duran
    The first album I ever bought (in a bookstore in Bombay in 82)….a classic
15. Tiga / Mixed Emotions
    My second mix-CD and one that changed my professional and creative life…..